·  Three Summer Sketches ....  12’  (2012)
  (Black Earth; Mineral Point; Spring Green)
  (piano solo; commissioned by the Wisconsin Arts Board)


·  Bagatelle after Beethoven   3' (2012)
  (piano solo; commissioned by the International Beethoven Festival)

·  Aria and Cadenza for solo violin  10’ (2001)


·  Lorca Music per cello solo  10’ (1998)


·  Impromptu for solo piano  7’ (1995)


· QUINTET (for Bb clarinet and string quartet) 30' (2015) 
(commissioned by the American Music Project for the JACK Quartet)

· FATHOMS 32' (2015) 
(Five Impressions of The Tempest, with Prelude, for cello and piano) 

· THORN 15' (2014) 
(violin, horn and piano; for the Britten Sinfonia)

 · XIX (after Gabrieli) 5' (2014) 

(for mixed wind ensemble and percussion; commissioned by CSIC)

·  Duo Sonata  16' (2013)   
  (two French horns and piano)


· Rhapsody (after A Day in the Life) (large chamber ensemble) 8' (2013) 
  (commissioned by Great Noise Ensemble)

 · Abaciscus (String Quartet No. 2) 18' (2012) 

(commissioned by Third Angle Ensemble)

·  Flamingo (Five Views of the Calder Sculpture—Chicago)  6’ (2010)
  (flute {dbl piccolo and alto flute}, Bb clarinet {dbl. bass clarinet}, cello and piano) 

·  Reliquary  25’ (2010)
  (violin, cello and piano) 

·  Ink on Paper (String Quartet No. 1) 25'  (2009)   
  (Commissioned by the Concert Artists Guild)

·  TRIO  (Bb clarinet, violin and cello) 10' (2009)
  (commissioned for Xanthos Ensemle)

·  Echoes of Ferrara (alto recorder--dbl. tenor and soprano--and harpsichord) 20' (2006)

  (commissioned by the American Composers Forum)

·  Bright White Smooth  6’ (2005/2006)

  (flute, viola and harp)  (ALSO: flute, cello, one perc., piano) 

·  Fancywork  (violin and guitar) 16' (2005)
  (commissioned by the Barlow Endowment)

·  A Canticle in Shards (flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon and piano) 7' (2005)
  (commissioned by the Connecticut Commission on Culture)

·  Stanza della Segnatura  18’ (2004)
  (2 recorders, viola da gamba and harpsichord)

·  wrecked angels ...  12’ (2003)
  (flute, guitar and cello) 

·  Interiors of a Courtyard  20’ (2003)
  (guitar and mandolin)

·  Cool RED Cool (after Andy Warhol Self Portrait)  7’ (2000)
  (flute, alto sax, trumpet, 2 percussion, piano and bass)

·   Sonata da Chroma  16’ (2000)
  (oboe, Bb clarinet, one percussion, cello and harpsichord)

·  Caravaggio  8’ (2000)
  (oboe {or trumpet}, Bb clarinet, one percussion, cello and harpsichord {or piano})

·  Lines Written in Early Spring (after Wordsworth, 1789)  9’ (2000)
  (flute, English horn and piano; flute, viola and piano)


·  Winterleben  25’  (2015)
  (after a text by Friedrich Rückert)

  (for mezzo soprano, French horn and piano)

  (commissioned by Elizabeth and Justus Schlichting for Los Angeles Phil principal horn, Andrew Bain)

 ·  Sonnets from Neruda  28’  (2014)

  (after six texts by Pablo Neruda)

  (for mezzo soprano, baritone and piano)

·  Needles in my flesh ....  12’  (2012)
  (after five texts by poet Pia Tafdrup)
  (alto voice and double bass; commissioned by the Danish Arts Council)


·  Tiger Psalms  (after texts by Ted Hughes) 16' (2011)
  (Commissioned by Fulcrum Point New Music Project)
  (mezzo soprano soloist with flute, clarinet, trumpet, viola, double bass, one perc. and piano)


·  Fallen Eve  (Five Songs after Hughes) 17' (2005)
  (commissioned by the Abelson Foundation for International Contemporary Ensemble)
  (mezzo soprano soloist with flute, clarinet, violin, cello, one perc. and piano)

·  la tristesse durera toujours  (after Van Gogh)  23’ (2003)
  (soprano soloist with clarinet, violin, cello, one percussion and piano)

·  Collage a Trois Trobar  10’ (1999)
  (five mixed voices with recorders and percussion)


· Crucifixus  (from the Ordinary of the Latin Mass) 12’ (2017)                                                     

(for Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir of Copenhagen)

(for SATB/SATB and solo cello)

· The Bird of Dawning Singeth  (after a text by Shakespeare/Hamlet) 5’ (2016)

(for twelve solo voices: SSSAAATTTBBB)

· Judas mercator pessimus  (from the Tenebrae Responsories for Maundy Thursday) 5’ (2016)

(for six unaccompanied male voices: AATTBrB)

 · Four Preludes  (after a text by T.S. Eliot) 8' (2013)                                                                 

(commissioned by Composers and Schools in Concert)                                                               

(SATB, string orchestra and piano)

· Shhhhh 7’ (2005)
(triptych for mixed choir a cappella)

· Love Among the Ruins 8’ (2001/2002)
(for mixed choir: SATB unaccompanied)
(OR: for mixed choir SATB, with ten winds, 2 percussion, harp, piano, and bass)

· Agnus Dei  9’ (1997/2005)
  (for SATB and ten instruments)

· Missa solemnis in fragminis 25’ (1997)
(for SATB and Chamber Orchestra)


· Twelve 18' (2017)                                                                                                                   

(for large orchestra; after The Windows of Jerusalem of Marc Chagall)      

· PUCK - fleeing from the dawn 7' (2017)
(for large orchestra; after the 1837 painting by David Scott)  

 · Chase  - A Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra 25' (2017)
(after the sculptures of artist Alberto Giacometti)
(commissioned by the Munich Philharmonic)

· ROCKS 21' (2016)
(for symphonic winds, brass, harp, piano, double bass and percussion)                     

(commissioned by a consortium of 21 US colleges and universities and the University of Cambridge)

· Nescientis Animi 14' (2016)
(for orchestra; after the math of Gottfried Leibniz)

 · Saint Blue 10' (2014)

(double concerto for trumpet, piano and strings, after Kandinsky)
(commissioned by the English Symphony Orchestra with generous support from the English Arts Council)

 · Where the Wild Things Are 21' (2014)
(for large orchestra; after the story by Maurice Sendak)
(commissioned by the Cleveland Orchestra, Dallas Symphony and Portland Symphony)

 ·  Mephisto Waltz No.3 by Liszt/arr. Geoffrey Gordon 10' (2014)

(commissioned by the Copenhagen Philharmonic)

· Concerto for Cello and Orchestra 24' (2013)
(after Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus)
(commissioned by the Copenhagen Philharmonic)


· Concerto for Flute and Orchestra 20' (2012)
(commissioned by the Buffalo Philharmonic)

· Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra 27' (2010)
(commissioned by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra)


· Meditation and Allegro for Viola and Ensemble 15' (2010)
(for chamber orchestra; commissioned for Ensemble Meitar)


· Shock Diamonds (for large orchestra) 13' (2008)
(commissioned for Boston Modern Orchestra Project)

·  Lux Solis Aeterna  (for chamber orchestra)  9’ (2007)

·  An Imagined Poussin Triptych  20’ (2001)
  (a fantasia in three movements for string orchestra) 

·  Sones Sueño del Maya  11’ (2001)

  (for orchestral winds and percussion) 

·  Mis en scene (for large orchestra)  8’ (1999)

·  Concerto in One Movement for Violin and Orchestra  16’ (1997)


·  The House of Bernarda Alba (after the Lorca play)  54’ (1995)
  (Ballet in three acts for mixed chamber ensemble; also: three concert Suites)

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Gordon: A Canticle in Shards
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Gordon: Meditation and Allegro for Viola and Chamber Ensemble
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Gordon: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (after Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus)
Gordon: Duo Sonata
Gordon: Winterleben
Gordon: FATHOMS (Five Impressions with Prelude of the Tempest for cello and piano)
Gordon: Crucifixus (for SSAATTBB and solo cello)
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